She Stoops to Conquer
Trish Price




Kansas City | New York City

Hi there! My name is Trish Price and I am a recent graduate from Missouri State University's B.F.A. Acting Program. I am currently based in New York City! Growing up in Kansas City means I'm a midwestern gal, through and through! I love enjoying a cup of coffee from a local Kansas City Roaster, sipping a Boulevard beer, or using any socially acceptable (and sometimes not-so acceptable) food as a vehicle for Ranch. Acting, directing, writing and improv are my true passions! I am passionate about creating meaningful art, in whatever medium I can. When I'm not pursuing my creative endeavors, you'll find me behind an espresso machine crafting specialty drinks or in my kitchen baking sweets! And when I'm not making (or enjoying) coffee and cakes, I love to listen to indie pop/folk music, binge watch Letterkenny, and snuggle with my pups Patty and Snickers!

Have any other questions? Feel free to shoot me a message below!

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